Come and experience everything Mount Dennis has to offer! Everything from high end appliances to home decor to funky cafes and neighbourhood restaurants serving a vast array of ethnic delights, we look forward to serving you!

Appliances, Decor & Home Services

Arts & Culture


Banks & Financial Services

Empresas Amazonas

Our services in Spanish and English include: Wire Money Transfer Courier Cargo Airline Tickets Invitation Letters by a Barrister & Solicitor Permission for the Departure of Minors Assistance in the Preparation of Documents Gladys Loor – General Manager [...]

1045 Weston Road, Toronto, ON M6N 3R9
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Community Services

Convenience & Variety

Dry Cleaners, Tailoring & Landromats

Electronics & Cellular


Food & Drink

First Class Delites

First Class Delites serves up some of the finest Jamican/Canadian cuisine around these parts. Drop by for some homemade soup and authentic Jamaican jerk from Grace and be prepared to be amazed! Free wifi. Proudly serving Mount Dennis since 1999. [...]

1156 Weston Road, Toronto, ON M6M 4P4
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supercoffee brings excellent espresso-based beverages to Mount Dennis, with a relaxed, urban vibe and some of the best coffee and in-house baking around. Free wifi and caffeine-fuelled friendly service. [...]

1148 Weston Road, Toronto, ON M6N 3S3 (south-west corner of Eglinton Avenue)
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V’s Caribbean Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant

Mount Dennis’ first vegan vegetarian restaurant is leading the way in eating healthy – deliciously! Drop in and say hi to Drew and Pong and experience firsthand why this neighbourhood resto is quickly developing a reputation throughout the City for its Caribbean vegan vegetarian cuisine (but drop in early as they are often sold out!) Proudly serving Mount Dennis since 2014. [...]

1221 Weston Road, Toronto, ON M6M 4P7
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Grocery & Specialty Food

Hair, Nail Salons & Tattoo Parlours

Klotz Law Firm

Our Main Areas of Practice: Real Estate Law Family Law Estate Law Litigation (In particular Litigation that relates to Real Estate & Estate Law) Our Full Areas of Practice: Real Estate & Mortgage Financing Family Law Estate Law (Including Wills & Power of Attourney) Civil Litigation Immigration Law Bankruptcy & Insolvency Incorporations Mediation Services Employment Law Administrative Law Criminal Law [...]

1177 Weston Road, Toronto, ON M6M 4P5
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