Crosstown LRT a Revitalization Catalyst for Mount Dennis

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Across the city, Torontonians are hungry for better transit. Starved for years by a lack of funding and political bickering, congestion is now hurting our region’s economic performance to the tune of $6 Billion per year. It’s no surprise then that with the Province of Ontario and Metrolinx‘s $8.4 Billion contribution to transit in Toronto, that communities across the city are looking to maximize the benefits of new transit in their neighbourhoods. The Eglinton Crosstown LRT, at $4.9 Billion, is the largest project currently being constructed, with 19 kilometres of new rapid transit set to come online in 2020.

The City of Toronto is taking a broad look at how best to leverage the Crosstown investment for communities along the route with the Eglinton Connects study. At the local level, residents are voicing their ideas, concerns and proposals in joint consultation with community groups, Metrolinx and City staff. At the western terminus of the line lies the Mount Dennis community. With the closing of the Kodak Plant in 2005 and its subsequent demolition, a large swath of land created both a loss and an opportunity for the community.