The Mount Dennis BIA was founded in 1974 and is one of 84 BIA’s in the City of Toronto.

What is a Business Improvement Area (BIA)?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an association of commercial and/or industrial property owners and business tenants within a specific area that have come together for the betterment of the area. Toronto’s more than 84 BIA’s represent more than 32,000 businesses employing over 406,000 people. BIA’s annually generate upwards of $28 million in funding for beautification projects, programs and events. Designated by Toronto City Council as a Board of the City, BIA’s are governed by the Municipal Code – Chapter 19.

What can a BIA do?

Local businesses, working collectively as a BIA, become catalysts for civic improvements, ultimately enhancing the business climate and quality of life of the neighbourhood. As a legal organization mandated by provincial legislation, BIA’s are able to develop a budget for improvements and, through the City, collect a levy from businesses in the area to raise the necessary funds.

BIA’s improve their local economies through activities such as:

  • Street and sidewalk maintenance and capital improvements
  • Advertising and public relations promotion of the BIA and its members
  • Safety, security and crime prevention initiatives
  • Strategic plans for business recruitment, market studies and capital improvements
  • Hosting neighbourhood festivals and events
  • Advocate on behalf of their membership as a unified voice